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 Incredibots: About

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PostSubject: Incredibots: About   Sun May 22, 2011 11:03 am

Hey, this is Sillyurs here talking about the physics engine Incredibots. Incredibots is a (hard to use at first) physics game engine (as said before) that allows you to build robots, ragdolls (people you can throw around), and basically any thing you want (even trucks with missiles on the back )(no explosions Sad )(Yet Wink ). Any I seriously recommend using the tutorial first before using Wink . So, to go to their website, just go here! Have fun building!

PS: This forum is for posting bots and ideas for bots, very few requests will be made by me (bot-wise), and if you need more advanced help than here, go to the help section in the Incredibots website. As they always say, check often for updates! (No download needed)
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Incredibots: About
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